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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Doesn’t matter.These characters show that they are born with special powers and abilities.Talking about The Secret Ibis, it comes to understanding that Doodle (the lead character who is physically unstable) was a disappointment to his family. Among all, his brother was more disappointed because he could not play with him the way he expected to run. In the second setting, Simon Birch, one can note that Simon was not able to be one of those kids who were normal. It should also be noted that he was a short heighted person who was not accepted by anyone not even the society he lived in (Hurst).It will not be incorrect to state that if Doodle or Simon were treated well by his brother and Joe then it could have been expected that there were betterment in their lives. The support from family or friends would have helped them to be accepted by the society in general. As a contradiction to this statement, it was marked in the short story that Doodle was not at all accepted by his brother as he was tortured by showing coffin that was bought Doodle (Johnson). Ultimately, Doodle’s brother left him alone when the storm occurred. Doodle lost his life in the storm as he was dependent upon his brother for reaching school. In a similar way, Simon was put to test by his friend who was rather supposed to provide a support to him. Just because of the misunderstanding, he wronged Simon (Hurst).The community has seemingly failed to understand the need of dealing with people who are abnormal but can be gifted in many ways. For instance, Doodle was a mighty heart because he was able to survive when everyone thought he will not. In the same way, Simon was considered as a person who was short and misfit in the society. However, in real terms, he was extremely talented and wise. Nevertheless, despite their gifted personalities, they were not provided with the support and acceptance that they deserved to have (Johnson).Through the above analysis, it comes to understanding that the two


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