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Write 6 pages with APA style on The Characteristic of Movies. An unknown assailant later brutally attacks Trey with a baseball bat, and an investigation ensues with Chris as the first suspect following his prior threats to Robbie. As the detective looks for more clues into the attack, Trey succumbs to his injuries and dies in the hospital. Robbie turns into a detective as he gathers evidence against Chris, at one point attacking him for which he gets a restraining order.Homicide takes over the case, and shifts focus to Robbie as a possible suspect from the fingerprints to the insurance policy on Trey’s life to which he is a beneficiary. The movie takes a turn when it emerges that Chris is also gay despite his Christian background and contempt for homosexuals. In the end, evidence points to Pastor Boyd for the murder of Trey for which he set up by Robbie and two accomplices for a forced break-in where Robbie murders him in the scripted act. The movie shows the hypocrisy and double standards when Pastor Boy, who had knowledge of his son’s perversion following evidence gathered by a private investigator, murders Trey, who like his son, is also gay. Hate crime committed by Trey’s murder baffles audiences with no initial connection between the pastor and the victim. As the plot thickens, the movie reveals a family that is living in ways that are ungodly when it emerges that the son, who is also a youth pastor is and his father, a respected minister of the word, a murderer. Killing Trey for being what his son comes out as the movie’s twist and the biggest irony in the Tommy Stovall production.Description: The movie is about a father, Carl Lee whose 10-year-old daughter Tonya, is raped and murdered by white racists. Carl Lee seeks the service of Brigance a white lawyer who admits that the rapists stand a chance of walking free. This stirs up Tonya’s father who opens fire& the courthouse killing the rapists and hurting Deputy Looney in the process. The movie changes to Carl Lee’s prosecution for the murder of these suspects and Brigance accepts to represents him. The case stirs up the Ku Klux Klan in the South, who threatens Carl Lee and his lawyer Brigance who is now joined in the case by Ellen Roark, a law student.&nbsp.


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