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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic High Involvement Management as a Management Tool to Intensify Work.According to Woods (2008), high involvement management as a management tool is focused on employee involvement in a particular work structure. The technique is mainly centered on the employee being allowed to make essential decisions regarding their jobs, as well as being part of the business. When looked at from a varying perspective, the employees are granted role empowerment. Bockerman, Bryson & Illmakunnas (2012) assert that employees who experience HIM have higher wellbeing and are less likely to absent from their duties when compared to like employees who are not subjected to the same conditions.Job demand control (JDC) model is founded on the fact that the value of employees in an organization is indispensable (Zirwatul, Ibrahim, and Ohtuska, 2012, 11). According to these authors, the success of an organization needs to be focused on the characteristics of the job as well as the wellbeing of the employees. Karasek and Theorell (1990) coined the job demand-control-support (JDCS) model that relates the characteristics of the job to wellbeing. From the brief definitions discussed, it is evident that JDC and JDCS models relate to high involvement management technique directly and with respect to the wellbeing of the employees. This brings back the thesis question. is high involvement management a tool that is used by managers to intensify work?Karasek (1979) points out that job demands are the stressors involved in completing an assigned workload. Such stressors are psychological and may relate to tasks that were not expected or a conflict between personal issues and the job (291). It is directly evident that work output by an employee who is stressed by such issues cannot be equal to a sober-minded employee who has no issue disturbing them. Karasek had an additional concept of latitude that that is based on decision authority and skill discretion (1979). e


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