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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Major reasons behind the United States’entry into World War I.As the US was supplying arms and financial assistance to the allies, Germany became poised to violate the terms with the US government to stop its submarine attacks. While the then German Chancellor Theobald von Bethman-Hollweg was against this decision fearing the US entry in to the war and the subsequent downfall of Germany, the German government however, decided to resume its attacks. President Wilson, thought shocked by the developments, hesitated to immediately declare war on Germany as he was not sure about the public support of his opinion. And in case the German attacks did not target US ships he decided to negotiate with the German government. But the submarine attacks by Germany destroyed several US ships, passengers and naval officials. Following this Wilson decided to arm American merchant ships with naval personal and equipment’s by exercising an executive order. Wilson also received a German telegram sent to officials in Mexico which was intercepted by the British. This telegram sent by the German Foreign Minister promised assistance to Mexico to recover the territory that it had ceded to America during a previous war. In return it requested Mexican support for the war. This telegram along with the continued attacks by Germany on American merchant ships forced President Wilson to declare war against Germany which marked its entry in to World War


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