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Need an research paper on animals protective mechanism. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Turtles are threatened by factors like. absence of nesting locations, tourism activities and fishing. The turtle uses its physical features or chemical combat to appear undesirable to its predators. Turtle disguises itself in form of a rock and hides its sensitive flesh in the hard shell which acts as defensive combat from any attacks of its predators.Sea turtle on the other hand lacks the feature of drawing itself in a shell, but its size is used as a defensive mechanism due to its large demeanor. Sea turtles grow to approximately eight feet long and weighing 750 kg (1500pounds) (Stevens and Merilaita, 2011). Turtle uses trickery to intimidate potential predators as a formidable defensive system. As a result of false full features appear big and dangerous which works to its advantage as a protective mechanism. This large creature is able to adapt to a hostile environment due to its large size as it is able to intimidate its predators. Sea turtle also combats with the ability to swim fast enough from potential predators when they feel threatened.Fish is an organism which stays in the water and is affected by extreme temperature changes. It breathes through the gills and has no limbs (Stevens and Merilaita, 2011). Fishes are suited to live in the water as they have tails to swim and gills to breathe. Fish eat worms, bugs and smaller fish. The survival mechanism of fish is in their streamlined bodies which are very sensitive to sound and therefore help the fish to sense danger and therefore escape to safer places (Stevens and Merilaita, 2011). The streamlined bodies of fish assist them to cut through the water-resistive force with great ease to escape from potential predators. There are different types of fish that have varied physical features that assist them in playing an important role in the protection mechanism.Fish has a lateral line system, running vertically on side of the fish abdomen. This lateral line system acts as an& sonar-like device for the fish sensitivity of the water pressure gradient. This lateral line system is a receptor that sends rapid signals to the species to be alert in case of prompt danger.


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