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Provide a 3 pages analysis while answering the following question: Specialty Packaging Corporation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Running Head: SPECIALITY PACKAGING CORPORATION Specialty Packaging Corporation Case study Specialty Packaging Corporation is a company that processes polystyrene resin into disposable containers that can be used in the food industry to package different kinds of foods. The management has been weighing on the options of storing their goods. The options are private warehousing or public warehousing. Price established by the subcontractors will certainly influence the decision about the amount of private warehousing space that should be leased. This is because the company only has money to invest into each project depending on the subcontractor’s rates as well as the amount of work to be done thus the price will vary. Thus, if it appears that the subcontractor is charging more than expected, the rates of private warehousing space to be leased may have to decrease. However, this is not the only item Julie needs to consider. Julie must also consider how much space the company should lease. If she errs too much in either direction, she can hurt the company by either paying too much, or by not providing enough space. neither error will be helpful to the goals of the company. So, the needs of the company, as well as the pulls of the overall market will need to be considered when making this decision. Julie will need to examine trends of the company’s current market and current needs in order to assist her with making this decision (Groover, 2007, p. 787). She must also consider how much space is really needed. Obtaining too much space will be a waste of money for the company and can thus detrimentally hurt the company. However, getting too little space will hurt the company because it will not give the company what it needs to solve its problems for the next two years. Therefore, Julie must try to get a strong estimate of how much space is really needed over the two year period. This is where potential error in the demand forecast will certainly come into play. She must be careful about this error forecast, as she needs to make sure she does not calculate too strongly one way or the other. Ideally, she may want to leave a bit of room in the calculations to fall either in the greater or lesser margin depending on how the company seems to be doing within this aspect of need. For instance, does the need seem to be increasing or decreasing at this time Determining what direction the need of the company is heading can hopefully help her reduce any margin for error in one direction or the other. The Aggregate production planning refers to the planning method that involves planning the production output levels of product lines that should be produced by a firm. The plans are coordinated through using different functions of the firms such as product design, production, sales and marketing (Shim, & Siegel, 1999, p .231).Extruders Thermoforming PressestotalN.o. of particulars 142539Processing capacity of each particular 3000 pounds per hour2000 pounds per hourCapacity loss 5%Effective processing capacity 2850 per hours Workers 62531Salary $15 $15 $30 Overtime 150%(15)150%(15)45Limit of overtime per quarter6060120Fixed cost of each particular per quarter80,00080,000160,000Training cost per worker 3000$3,000 $6,000 Laying off workers $2,000 2500$4,500 Training cost for Re-use of idle extruders$2,000 $2,000 $172,765 The demand forecast for the company for the next three years is.Forecast Black plastic forecast Cum.demand forecast Normal Prod. days Prod. rate units/day2007I66506650ii457611226iii629317519iv13777312963129663496.76190482008I75097509ii514912658iii705619714iv15399351133511363557.34920632009I83678367ii572114088iii781921907iv17021389283892863617.9047619Clear plast. forecast Cum. Dd. forecast Normal Prod. days Prod. Hrs /employeeProd. rate per unit2007I74627462ii1825025712iii889434606iv4064386703867063504613.80952382008I83498349ii2035528704iii989138595iv4507431024310263504684.15873022009I92359235ii2246131696iii1088942585iv4950475354753563504754.52380952052.492Hours worked by the employees =8 Clear plast. forecast Cost of production 2007I7462ii18250iii8894iv40641727652008I8349ii20355iii9891iv45071727652009I9235ii22461iii10889iv4950172765129307518295Black plastic forecast Cost of production 2007I6650ii4576iii6293iv137771727652008I7509ii5149iii7056iv15399$172,765 2009I8367ii5721iii7819iv17021172765105337518295ReferencesGroover, M. P. (2007). Automation, production systems, and computer-integrated Manufacturing 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.Shim, J. K. & Siegel, J. G. (1999) .Operations management .Wireless Blvd Hauppauge New York: Barron’s Educational Series.


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