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How do you calculate the distance from the sun? What’s the formula? How do you get 2 for Mercury and 3.7 for Venus?Table 1 – Solar System DistancesObjectAverage DistanceAverageDistance fromDistanceSunfrom Sun (Miles)from Sunon toilet paper(AU)SunMercury36 million miles0.382Venus67 million miles0.723.7Earth93 million mi.15.1Moon93 million mi15.1Mars142 million mi.1.527.7Asteroid Belt256 million mi.2.7515Jupiter483 million mi.5.226.4Saturn885 million mi.9.5948.4Uranus1,787 million mi.19.297.3Neptune2,800 million mi.30.1152.5Pluto3,699 million mi.39.5200


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