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A.    You are among the students in an academic trip to one of the media stations in Nairobi situated along Mombasa road. This media houses’ activities include printing daily newspapers as well as running of a TV station.  You have been handed over to the content developer manager who intends to illustrate the technological processes of disseminating information from the TV station to our TV screen in our houses.i.                    Assume that you are the content developer manager, elaborate to the visiting students the technology behind the dissemination of information from the TV station to our TV screen from the programmer point of view.                                                                     (6 marks)ii.                  Illustrate how the technological process discussed in question one part (i) above could be similar to the technology behind daily newspaper printing in this media house. (5 marks)    Taking into all considerations, provide a program sample behind a triangular image observed in the television screen.                                                                          (4 marks)


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