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Hi, I need help with essay on News paper production. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This article will take you to a one-day tour of the London city that although sounds ridiculous, but perfect guide for students studying in the city. In addition, this article will attempt to illustrate cultural, political, historical, and social aspects of London that will enable you to explore the city in your own way according to your interests.Westminster Abbey will be the most appropriate starter for touring London, a monumental place that depicts its historical importance involving crowning of various kings and queens of the United Kingdom. Westminster Abbey is ‘Shrine of the Nation’ as well due to burial ceremonies of kings and crowns. The place opens in the early morning at 9:30am, so you should reach earlier to avoid huge crowds, especially on weekends. Some of the significant features responsible for its monumental importance are shrine of Edward that has tombs of various kings and queens of England, and Chapel of Henry VII that is an extraordinary masterpiece of architecture. Westminster Abbey has a ‘Poets Corner’ as well where you will be able to visit burial places of various famous poets.From Westminster Abbey, your next stop will be at the House of Parliament, and the symbol of London city: Big Ben. The House of Parliament has played a significant role since 11th century by providing shelter to the House of Lords, as well as the House of Commons, and thus, will be an interesting place to visit during the tour. Although it takes time to enter the debating chambers. however, you can try your luck, and even without admission, the House of Parliament will allow you to enjoy its architectural significance. Besides, if you are a history lover, do not forget to visit the Jewel Tower that illustrates history of the Parliament, and in recent decades, the Jewel Tower has installed facilities of virtual tower of the House of Parliament that will be an informative feature during your tour.After emerging from


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