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I will pay for the following essay U07d1. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This paper highlights that when a person is in condition as bad as this, they tend to be more trusting and willing to take up any help that they are provided. Also with the old age, people tend to trust what others say and take the time out to listen to others. Imagine if the same thing were to happen to a younger person, firstly, they would not let the strangers inside the house secondly, the doubt would always be present and a youngster would prefer to call in to home repair stores than to trust two men who just walk in.From this study it is clear that the level of trusting and the patience to listen to strangers. increases in several people as they grow old. In the case of Mrs. White, she has been alone for nine years knowing that she needs to get something done about the home repairs however has not had the courage to call some to assist here. In this state, she might feel the helplessness and would prefer to go with anything that is easily available. Hence she was easily persuaded into paying them $12,000 and trusting to strangers without any form of verification. Organisations like the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), assist individuals with many things which include, health, money, leisure, family and even social lifestyle and issues like the one faced by Mrs. White. The organisation provides the people with support and care. AARP assists the elderly with several different aspects of life to avoid them feeling low and being dependent on others. Financially, the organisation provides the elderly with advice and also how to safeguard their money. In the case of Mrs. White, if she had opted to take the assistance of the organisation, she would not have lost the $12,000 and would not go through the trauma of having her house ripped out the way it had been.&nbsp.


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