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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Psychologial Delvelopment on HIV-infected Teen.274). There are a lot of issues faced by Teenagers according to their temperaments but the few which are common among most of them includes Disclosure, Medical Adherence, Relationships, and Psychological Issues. (Hosek, Harper, Domanico, Page no. 272). Most teenagers contract HIV through Intravenous Drugs, Unsafe Sexual Practices like taking the risks of not wearing condoms, or uncircumcised penises, or engaging in homosexual activities etc. The first issue is about the Issue of disclosure. people tend to keep the information about their condition to themselves cause of the fear how the surroundings or environment is going to react. (Hosek, Harper, Robinson, Page no. 356) The prime fear is not about how they are going to take it, the prime fear is about how they are going to react, whether they’ll just say your sick its your problem, or some people feel proud and say “I told you so”. Also what matters is the general teenage philosophy of the 21st Century is that “Needing Someone is a Sign of Weakness” and if they show someone their vulnerable side they might look like a wuss. Another issue is the Issue of Medication, Teenagers doesn’t like to rely on anyone, they don’t like to work in a timetable, they do their tasks as they come along they don’t like to work in a routine, the dilemma here is that HIV cocktail have to be taken in an order, the patient cant miss any scheduled medication, cause it messes with the already compromised Immune system. The issue with a normal teenager as I mentioned above is that they don’t like to rely on anyone, they think of it as something that’s just extending their life and not in an affirmative way and starts living with the faith that they are almost as good as dead. Many other problems came across such if you are at work, it s difficult to take the medications cause of the primal fear of


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