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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses residential satisfaction. With this backdrop, people seek to stay in houses which give them complete residential satisfaction by way of good neighborly relations, peaceful surroundings, serene environment, suitable facilities, and good administration of residential complexes. Depending on individual tastes and preferences, aspirations and satisfaction levels change but most house owners or tenants prefer to seek better houses to get full residential satisfaction in all respects whenever their aspirations are not met within their existing homes.As everyone commonly understands, satisfaction is a state of happiness derived through the fulfilment of an objective. It can be more clearly described as a sort of contentment one gains by fulfilling a desire, need, or hope. Going by common knowledge, people would generally tend to continue to reside in houses where full satisfaction is sustained in relation to their neighbors, environment, facilities available, and&nbsp.maintenance of the premises. When one runs out of residential satisfaction with regard to any of these issues, he or she may opt to move out of it in search of better residential satisfaction. In such a case, either the house is sold off or vacated by the occupant. Golledge and Stimson (1996: 473) quite appropriately describe ‘residential satisfaction’ as the meeting point of the residential achievement with the residential aspiration. Aspirations are not similar and most of the time, they differ depending on the different tastes of people. This is especially so concerning a dwelling unit.Because of the different perceptions of different people on how to achieve residential satisfaction, all house owners would not display the same level of satisfaction from a single residential environment (Galster, 1987: 93). One, therefore, has to understand&nbsp.that a person would develop certain aspirations about his/her residence and when the aspirations are fulfilled vis-à-vis the house, the person is said to have achieved residential satisfaction.


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