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I need some assistance with these assignment. alternative energy source Thank you in advance for the help! In essence, some of the issues that connect to the development of alternative energy sources are consistent with the view that the developmental needs of humanity are entirely dependent on the availability of sufficient clean energy, which does not pose any significant threat to the eco-systems around the world.On this note, it becomes important to consider the fact that debate on the production of alternative source of energy is also understood together with the need to lessen the kind of crises that have defined competition over the existing forms energy. A major factor of consideration is the fact that the economies of nearly all the countries around the world are driven by the influence of energy on other sectors, which affect the performance of markets and other indicators. Challenges of monopoly over oil, for instance, have contributed to fears in the developing and the developed world of dominance and manipulation of the economic order in ways that could impact negatively on the aspect of globalization and liberalization of world economies. Consequently, it becomes necessary to investigate available options to the question of alternative sources of energy and the need to resolve current issues affecting the development of energy levels.A wide range of research work has indicated that the world supply of oil has reduced drastically over the past century. Fears continue to grip the developed and the developing world over the question of sustainability and the impact of the reduction on the stability of the world economy. On this matter, research has shown that many countries will face significant challenges in the running of their industries as the fuel levels continue to reduce. Industrialization has been accepted as an important benchmark of development. Countries continue to grapple with the challenge in various ways that underscore the different levels of impact across the globe.


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