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Compose a 500 words assignment on hazar alfaqeih. Needs to be plagiarism free! Subject: Statistics, Personal Statement Date: Topic: Hazar Alfaqeih The Dean,(Name of the University)Respected Sir, Reference my Admission Application for Statistics major in your esteemed University. My name is Hazar Jamil Alfaqeih. I was born in 1988 in Saudi Arabia. Right from the school days I had a fascination for the subject of Mathematics. I secured my bachelor’s degree from AlQurah University. Majority of the Mathematics/Statistics graduates get selected in the campus interviews and are assured of placement. My main motivation behind this application for admission in your University is my keen interest and experience in the field Mathematics/ Statistics and it will be my next step of the ladder of education and natural progression of my ambition to complete Doctorate in Statistics. I taught Mathematics in an elementary school in my country and had the opportunity for practical application of the methods and guidelines that I learnt from the best Doctorate holder in the college. She inspired me to do master’s degree in statistics and then go for the Doctorate in the same subject. Her style of counseling was excellent, she visualized the perspectives about this subject well, and I am now convinced that I would achieve my career goals by specializing in statistics. The subject of statistics is now my passion. Before my interaction with her, I had the notion that Statistics was a dull subject, full of never-ending calculations. Her style of dealing with the finer aspect of the subject changed the attitude of the students and we began to love statistics, and eagerly looked forward to her classes. Take me as the practical example, how a teacher can influence the thinking process of a student. The twin objectives of my life will be served, firstly to expand my knowledge on the subject and secondly to equip myself academically to impart knowledge, as my career goal is to teach in a University and be a Visiting Lecturer in business houses. With proper interaction from the lecturers and professors in your University and the fellow-students, I will further improve my communication skills. For an aspiring Visiting Lecturer in statistics, I would often need to explain technical matters and the latest statistical methods to make them understand business and the economy from the point of view of this subject. Business tools and strategies are continuously on the change with rapid progress that is taking place in technology and application of statistical methods. Your University is the best to get proficiency in statistics program, as graduates from your University hold responsible positions in top-ranked business establishments. They are constantly on the upward spiral in their careers, and are making excellent contribution to the development of the economy of the country, by providing the correct inputs for making future projections of expansion and growth. I have met quite a few of your ex-students, who are now renowned professionals, and the positive feedback that I have received from them, has convinced me that this is the best University for the subject of Statistics one can hope for in America. After completing my education in your University I will be the proud owner of the suffix of Degree in Statistics, with addition of Doctorate. The sterling reputation of your University will be my life-long asset. The positive vibrations from the past students of this University, whom I met, mean a lot to a sensitive individual like me. When I return to my homeland Saudi Arabia with the skills acquired here, I will impart them to the students there. The asset of educational qualifications from your University will be the foundation stone for the magnificent mansion of my future career. I keenly await a positive response from you for which act, I shall remain grateful.


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