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Need help with my writing homework on Issue of War in Regeneration Novel. Write a 1750 word paper answering; The violence of war does not only affect international relations but it also significantly affects the lives of those involved in it. The novel Regeneration&nbsp.does not only give a glimpse of what has become of the unfortunate soldiers but it also looks deep into their perspectives and opinions of the war that they served in. It does not only tell the story of the soldiers but also of the other people that have been, in one way or another, directly affected by the war. Barker mainly presented the idea of war as something that brings inner conflicts within the individuals affected and how these inner conflicts affect their view on war and their relationship with other people, those who have been in the war and those who are not directly involved in it.Regeneration is far from being a historical book. It is still a fictional novel, though based on real-life characters. It presents the historical events of the war through a different perspective, not of heroism but tragedy. Using a clinical setting sets the tone of the novel as something relevant and factual. Barker patterned his novel’s characters with real-life characters prominent in the war, like Sassoon. She waded through the stories of veterans by interpreting each soldiers’ physical disability from the war with the turmoil inside them. Although patterned on real-life characters, Barker created fictional conversations and assumptions on what has happened between the characters. She also inserted several totally fictional characters that will further serve the purpose of the triumph and failure of the inner conflicts of the people affected by the war.The novel focuses on contrasting notions of gallantry and embarrassment, but not of cowardice. Inner conflicts plague the soldiers and other people who serve in the war. This is clearly shown in River’s inner conflict. As a&, his job is to save lives but his responsibility during the war is to make sure that the soldiers are well enough to be sent back to the front lines, something that is contrasting with his profession. Although he is treating the patients, he will send them back to the dangerous fronts that sent the soldiers to him in the first place.


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