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I need help in my applied math assignment. check the two pictures below for more details.thanksAttachment 1Attachment 2Bb Announcements – 201920.MTH1 xG You are given the graph of a func xVA MTH118 Assignment #A9 (4.4, 4 xG The quantity demanded each mo x+X< – C =20335884G…11.-/1 points TanApCalcBr10 4.5.027My Notes @ Ask Your TeacherIn the following diagram, S represents the position of a power relay station located on a straight coast, and E shows the location of a marine biology experimental station on an island.A cable is to be laid connecting the relay station with the experimental station. If the cost of running the cable on land is $1.50/running foot and the cost of running the cable underwater is $2.65/running foot, locate the point ? that will result in a minimum cost (solve for x). (Round your answer to the nearest whole number. )X =ftIslandE3000’Land-10,000 -x10,000’Need Help?Read ItTalk to a TutorSubmit Assignment Save Assignment ProgressHome My Assignments Extension RequestO Type here to searched mis9?A8:25 PM1/26/2019


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