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Respond to this post. APA cite. Given what you have learned about the accessibility and financing of home care services, are such services as readily available to other consumers as they were to Joan and Jerry? No, they are available to all consumers since there is no federal regulation that calls for this. They are regulated by each state making them un inform in coverage.  Basically, it all depends on where one lives plus the insurance coverage one has since it is a combination of Medicare and or Medicaid, insurance and managed care, plus private out of packet source that pays for these services.Should Joan and Jerry have applied for home health care sooner, and, if so, who should have made them aware of the benefits of home health care?Yes, they should have applied sooner, but did not because of a few reasons. First, they “are of a generation that developed an attitude that long term care is to be avoided” (Pratt, 2016. p.223). Second a promise was made form Joan to Jerry that he would never be put away in a nursing home (Pratt, 2016. p.223). Third was a lack of knowledges of the services existed since no health care professional told them about. Last, they wanted their independence and did not want to rely on anyone.2. Hospice Case: The doctors were pretty sure Pierre had less than six months to live, so he fell within the guidelines for hospice coverage. Should hospice coverage be limited to those with six months or less to live, or should others be covered? Why?No, it should not only be limited to those who have only six months or less to live. If a person is terminally ill and there is no hope for them of ever getting better, they should be able to go to hospice care.  I believe that everyone has the right to prolong their life as much as it can be but also the right to go with dignity when they see fit.  3. Adult Day Care Case: Although Wilma is clearly benefiting from day care, so are Lorenzo and Karen. Should society (Medicaid) be paying for something that benefits them, even though they are not poor? When it comes to being poor or rich is not always a black and white issue it is relative.  For example, a poor person in this country has a much higher standard of living than many others in many other countries around the world. In cases like this we must look at the whole picture. For instance, will attending the day care center allow Wilma to live a more productive and healthier life.  From what I read that would be yes. The fact that she is healthier, productive and able to live at home will help society in keeping Medicaid cost down since she does not need further assistance. Another fact the we know is that she could not afford to keep her house so she is not the well of and would end up using Medicaid in one way or the other. The last reason would be that she has paid into the program like many of us which she has a right to use it. If there was not a day care center available for Wilma, do you think she would be able to continue living with Karen and Lorenzo? If not, to what type of long-term care facility would she likely be admitted?If she stays healthy and well enough, she should be able to live with Karen and Lorenzo without a problem.  The issue is for how long due to her mental state and health issues that need to be attended to regularly. I am sure if there is no day care center, she would end up in a nursing home due to the attention she needs to stay well. Although Karen and Lorenzo do an excellent job it might not be enough due to their schedules. References:Pratt, J.R (2016) Long-Term Care Managing Across the Continuum, 4thedition


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