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Hi, I need help with essay on Write an analysis of an authors works, first discussing the authors life to put the author in an accurate time and place relevant to your analysis of his or her work. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The works of Faulkner, Hughes and Poe represents a typical middle class American family in the early 19th century struggling to handle financial challenges. The compositions reflect a time when the society was reeling from the effects of wars (Miller 3). Despite the difference in the backgrounds of the three composers, they were investigative in their compositions. Henceforth, people refer to them as gothic composers. Indeed, they pondered at miseries in the societies as presented in their compositions. The authors utilized imagery and symbolism in their creations. This piece analyses the works of Faulkner, Hughes and Poe in relation to their lifestyles.William Faulkner grew up from a humble background in Mississippi where he joined the military and later rose to the rank of a sergeant. The military provided Faulkner an exposure like no other. While working in the forces, he interacted with people from various backgrounds (Aiken 7). At first, it was hard for William to acknowledge the challenges that people were facing in the society. The author got the idea of writing creative compositions from his environment. This was his mission to salvage the society from the problems people were facing. His first work was a novel he wrote in 1925 (Aiken 2). The compositions that followed were influenced by the stories he heard from his elders about the Americas history. He used imagery in his works. He devoted to inform the audience the decadence that was going on in the southern states.Hughes focused on enlightening the American society from undertaking several odd jobs. At the time, he had intended to reflect on the challenges that affected blacks in America. According to Miller (8), literature gave Hughes an opportunity of reflect on the challenges that affected blacks in America. The previous scholars who had written works on


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