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I will pay for the following essay Information Systems Governance Structure. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.the following principles. ensuring the smooth running of internal controls with a common objective set by the management, utilizing the resources of the company, making sure that the information systems are in compliance with the law, and ensuring that no existing structures are interfered with (Irani, & Love, 2008).Transaction processing functions include process transactions like making purchases, sales. IBM’s IMS system is used to process billions of transactions on a daily basis by 95% of the top Fortune 1000 companies. A record of direct transaction taking place, its report or an explanation coupled with a record for reference is imperative. The maintenance of master files is integral relating to storage of data pertaining to the organization coupled with production of reports.Management reporting is also a function that is used in the production of output for users. The output is commonly reports that are geared towards the planning, control and monitoring of the organization purposes. IBM continues to enhance its system manages an estimated 15 million GB of critical data.Decision support is based on programmable, semi-programmable and un-programmable decisions. Programmable decisions are repetitive and well defined while semi-programmable decisions are partially reliant on the manager. In addition, programmable decisions rely on the manager’s experience (Khosrowpour, 2006).Kallinikos, (2010), states that transaction processing systems automate the handling of data on business activities and transactions. They are the oldest type of business information system and record routine transactions. IBM in 1968 launched the world’s first commercial database management system later renamed Information Management System in 1968.The information system had a transaction processing software responsible for financial applications, inventory management and other high volume based transaction operations.Management reporting systems perform routine


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