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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION.These two areas are very important because the front office provide the first impression that guest have about a hotel. The front office agents must therefore exhibit high standards of mannerism in greeting guests, welcoming them. smiling and having guests feel at home.The root cause of negative mannerism and knowledge at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis hotels front desk services can be categorized as inadequacies in personnel, procedures, policies and equipment. The weaknesses on the blueprint are on the physical evidence and the onstage employee action areas since they affect customers’ actions. In the blueprint for the Marriott Marquis Hotel, front office is physical evidence. Physical evidence in this case is the environment and people within the front office area. For every moment of truth and each action taken by the customer, the physical evidence that customers come into contact with is critical (Baum & Odgers, 2001). Front office consists of tangibles, that customer come into contact with that are likely to influence how business customers perceive quality at the Marriott Marquis Hotel’s front desk. Poorly arranged front office will deter business customers from booking the hotel.Onstage employee action is the second area on the blueprint that is affected by the weaknesses mentioned above. Front office are onstage employees and are actively involved in making reservations, giving suggestions, phone calls receiving, manage registration process, fulfilling guest needs/delivering bags, solve their problems, and process the registrations of their business customers. There is high degree of interaction with business customers in the blueprint thus the type of interaction influences their action. Poor manners and knowledge by front office agents will definitely results into poor guest experience and impression of the hotel. In this respect, personnel attributes such as poor training, attitude, poor communication etiquette, bad customer


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