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Need an argumentative essay on Hospital Acquired Infections. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.According to the study both patients and healthcare providers should collaborative to alleviate favorability of the environment that allows HAIs to thrive. Resolutions to this problem should also focus on the likely implications that they create. Ethical, legal, financial, social, economic, and political implications are realized in the HAIs context. Every individual that these implications affect can actively constitute a resolution to the underlying problem. In other words, the collaboration of patients and healthcare providers at all levels serve as an adequate source of solutions to the problem of HAIs and subsequent negative implications.This paper outlines that healthcare organizations among other stakeholders in the healthcare sector already run measures and programs that are tailored towards alleviating the problem of HAIs and the implications it poses to the healthcare sector. In other words, there are some solutions that are already implemented in healthcare organizations. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities run preventative measures to minimize cases of HAIs, which consequently influences the manner in which HAIs implications are dealt with. Creating awareness about HAI and other related infections have exacerbated in the recent times. On the same note, addressing medical errors, HAIs included is not a cheap pursuit. Funds have been mobilized and still continue to be mobilized for healthcare pursuits that relate to medical errors. Interventions and intensive research into medical errors, and specifically HAIs continue to be undertaken, serving as a critical resolution pursuit to HAI and other medical errors problems.&nbsp.


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