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Hi, I need help with essay on Argument “The Pitfalls of plastic surgery. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Camillie proceeds and says “as cosmetic surgery has become more and more widespread and affordable, it has virtually become a civil right, an equal-opportunity privilege once enjoyed primarily by a moneyed elite who could fly to Brazil for a discreet nip and duck.” This clearly shows that cosmetic surgery is no longer a one class activity but that of anyone who has the finances.Despite the exercise spreading at a high rate, there are many moral questions that crop up. For instance Camillie questions “is cosmetic surgery a wasteful frivolity, an exercise in narcissism?” This is a question worth being answered. Once a person under goes the surgery, does it waste his or her former beauty? Is it only women who insist on the cosmetic surgery as a result of endemic sexism? This question is directed to women since they are the most customers in these surgeries (Camillie 775-777). However, women are not the only affected sex. Male especially celebrities undergo these surgeries as a way of looking more handsome and therefore attracting more fans. This is a race of the best looking and hence people are forced to undergo the surgery. As Camillie puts it “all these ethical issues deserve serious attention.” This should be worked on in order to eliminate any discrimination based on the looks.Though the practice is unstoppable, it needs to be improved. The chemicals used should be changed or improved in order to reduce long term side effects. It is not possible for a 50 year old looking like a 20 year old youngster. All this is due to the chemicals used in stopping the skin from shrinking. Also, it should be changed in order to stop instances of young people lacking jobs due to the fact that there are older people looking young at their supposed positions (Camillie 776-777). Am not trying to wipe away the practice as the maximization of attractiveness is justifiable in all societies, but it is worrying in America the way rate of female gender attraction could


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