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Compose a 250 words essay on Managed healthcare. Needs to be plagiarism free!When the claim is found to be valid, then the payment is made and the negotiation is finalized making it a very effective process.Consumerism refers to the promotion of the interests of the consumers. Giving the providers access to more patient information promotes consumerism. When all activities in the managed care organization are focused on promoting consumer satisfaction, then it is likely that there will be the development of the network. This is because when the consumers-in this case the patients are assured of high quality services, then they will be more willing to be cared for by the particular organization that seems to promote consumerism. They will come up with predictive models in order to identify what the purchasers prefer. The managed care organization will also be focused on looking into the data and information that they have and planning any future actions based on the facts in the data. These plans will involve upgrades as a result of the attempt to promote consumerism (Robinson


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