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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses This is bussinees economics.It is these shared patterns that make individuals identify with a particular group and not another. Attitude also affects the individual behavior in the sense that it is representative of the individual’s state of mind. It shows an individual’s like or dislike and, therefore, prior to any undertaking the outcome of any undertaking is likely to be a product of the attitude. Values are another factor. These are the beliefs that an individual or a certain group has towards a general idea. Having values or principles determines the ethical code of conduct and by extension determines the amount of emotional investment that can be for or against an idea (Volker, 32). Finally, the authority also shapes individual behavior in the sense that depending on the way it is used. This can be attained by cohesion or even convincing a person to carry out an activity. When cohesion is applied, it will in most cases narrow down the options available to the one carrying out the order. In most cases when pushed to the wall, the end will always justify the means.It is of great significance to study individual behavior so as to understand one’s own behavior pattern and how it affects day to day interactions. Besides, it allows for the opportunity to make informed choices for corrective measures so as to develop appropriate behavior pattern, not just for personal effectiveness but social effectiveness as well (Volker, 36).In explaining individual behavior, two models have been considered in this case. MARS model of individual behavior, also called MARS BAR explains individual behavior due to both internal and external factors. A breakdown of the acronym is motivation, abilities, role perception and situational factors. They constitute the four major factors that affect individual behavior and outcomes. This model is applicable to many cases but is often used in management,


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