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Write 11 page essay on the topic Markering launch for an international business (Nike).International business has, hence, become a modern jargon in the current epoch. It is the process of conducting business all over the world. Such business transactions include trading of services, goods, technology, capital and managerial knowledge between different economies (Brenner, 2013). The import and export related activities of a nation constitute its foreign trading affairs. International business expands the scope and scale of commercial activities in an economy.From the above figure, it can be stated that international trade or business has noticeably increased over time. The growth had slightly fallen during the global financial crisis of 2008. As a result, the volume of international trade has greatly influenced the external business environmental factors.Companies engaging in international business across diversified economies conduct commercial on large scales. The production and marketing strategies of these firms are globally established (Brenner, 2013).A multinational company helps to integrate the global economic system. In an international business process, the firm procures labour, finance and infrastructural services from different countries (Brenner, 2013).The process of foreign trade in dominated by companies belonging to developed rich countries. These countries possess productive resource reserves and high technological knowhow. These multinational organizations offer high prices to all the factor service owners, thereby leading the business realm in each country (Brenner, 2013).International business conducted by companies helps to enhance the employment opportunities wherein they operate (Brenner, 2013). Moreover, by providing diversified goods and services in the market, the process helps to improve living standards of the individuals therein.International business contributes towards augmenting the level of trading competition between participating countries.


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