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Write a 2 page essay on Health Informatics.It evaluates the environmental factors that affect internal and external business operations within the health sector. This aids in designing viable modalities of correcting possible complications that may affect performance (Procter, 2009). Effective business assessment is achievable through application of credible informatics ideals and information technology (IT) systems.This explains the relationships between the concepts because IT enabled systems enhance the evaluation of business processes and provision of reliable results (Hayes & Aspray, 2010). This is useful in health institutions where assessment of performance may be difficult based on the data concerns. In such an environment, the use of IT enabled systems is paramount in enabling managers to perform effective business analysis.Analysis of operations is critical because healthcare focuses on delicate services that are provided based on guidelines. Health administrators are answerable for evaluating their operations with the intent of establishing the quality of the services, data management and the use of modern equipments (Hayes & Aspray, 2010). The application of the IT and informatics seeks to expand nursing services to cover more patients and provide accurate and quality services. It will also develop vibrant health institutions that understand patient needs with proper storage of data.Organizations obtain, process, and store various types of data that focus on their daily operations and contribute to their performance (Procter, 2009). The data may range from finances, supplies, customersÂ’ and employee data. This information must be managed under set guidelines to ensure optimal confidentiality as ethically required. This is achievable through systematic data management procedures that are not interrupted (Lewis, 2005). Health institutions that manage patient data relating to lab report, medicine


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