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Ideally, when you are working on a project, you would search your reference architecture framework and find a suitable reference architecture to use. But what happens if you cannot find one or if it would be too difficult to customize one?In this case, you would have to create a new reference architecture. You would then catalog this new reference architecture in your organizationÂ’s reference architecture framework for future use.Once you have a reference architecture, you would identify standards and related vendor product components that will help implement it.In this Assignment, write a 4- to 6-page paper that addresses the following:Develop and populate a reference architecture for the Adopt-A-Farm virtual business, based on your work in Weeks 3 and 4. Note that those diagrams focused on high-level analysis/design, and will aid in the creation of a high-level reference architecture.Next, identify suitable vendor products for at least three elements of the reference architecture (specific to Adopt-A-Farm). Be sure to include the business capabilities of the products in your evaluation. Explain how you chose and evaluated each one.Finally, develop implementation-level models or blueprints that incorporate these products (from your vendors) for the artifacts you previously created.


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