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I will pay for the following article The Story of Stuff. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Planned obsolescence is whereby factories make some goods using toxic materials and bring them to the market. Their aim is to dispose of the toxic materials easily as they gain profits. According to the video, only this type of obsolescence is excellent in throwing 99% of the industrial toxic materials (Leonard). Perceived obsolescence is whereby a company makes stuff looks new and attractive. They do this through advertising. They come up with certain advertising strategies making the products look more fashionable compared to the current ones. Personally, I think the two types of obsolescence are true and real. There are certain products available in the markets that are not needed, in any way, due to their low quality and price. This may probe a question on how such products were acquired. Therefore, I believe that such products are as a result of planned obsolescence. Some popular products that look appealing to the eye due to constant advertisement are not always satisfactory or good during consumption (Leonard). This is a similar case to the mentioned golden arrow. It looks nice but can easily affect the life of a person or kill. The solution to this is by having a real government that is responsible and concerned about the citizens’ lives. From here, we can move on by throwing all the disposals away to ensure that nothing is destroyed. Finally, we will put the system of production, extraction, consumption, and distribution together, in order to form a continuous or constant circulation system. From the system, we’ll get equity, sustainability, zero waste and closed-loop of production. Work Cited Leonard, Anne. Story of the stuff. California, 2007. Film.


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