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Write a 2 page essay on HR.A work life Program is a critical element of the total rewards of an organization in its effort to retain, motivate and attract employees.Recently, the organization has been losing employees due to inadequate planning regarding their employees benefits. High employee turnaround may reduce the performance of an organization by increasing reducing quality as well as increasing training costs.A work life projects training is aimed at training employees need to balance between healthy management of work life and life outside work. Essentially, it is considerably challenging to meet the entirely the requirements at work as well as at workplace. Therefore, employees require an initiative or a process that guide them to ensure that they remain healthy and safe (Harris 34).The training project can be categorized into various categories including when an individual works, how much one works, where one works. The program is expected to empower employees with the necessary skills to balance the objectives of the organization with that of employees. Sometimes it is very challenging to balance the balance the goals of an organization. One of the main purposes of an organization is to maximize profit. Sometimes, some employers find it challenging to incur additional expenditures that are not directly related to the organizationÂ’s operational costs (Harris 34).The point of this training is to provide employees as well as potential employees with skills on how they can provide initiatives to the employees that will help them remain productive in their workplaces as well as in their personal life. In addition, the program will help employees effectively manage their time, health and safety to ensure that neither their work performance nor their home performance will be compromised.At the end of the training, learners are expected to


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