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I need some assistance with these assignment. lexmark international problems Thank you in advance for the help! The company was able to send more accurate information for a very short span of time. This new system enables those connected to the business which include the buyers, financial analysts, marketing analyst, merchandisers, regional managers, and field sales representatives, to access or work on available data more instantly and easily.The bottom line of every business is to be profitable. And to do so, customer satisfaction should be guaranteed. Lexmark International has been successful in meeting the needs of its customers when it adopted the new system. Through it, the managers understood well the trends in their business, stock-outs were avoided and the demands of the consumers which vary from country to country were continuously met. Thereby, they arrive on better decisions on pricing and promotions which greatly benefit both business and consumers.SQL-Retail BI System is an engineering company specializing in the development of software solutions specially designed for retailers. It ensures to provide a retail organization with accurate and timely data information. It utilizes the latest .NET technology by Microsoft that contains embedded analysis and reporting tools from Microstrategy. The system’s database is architected in order to store data in a way that easy and flexible access by users will be possible. These data could be neat and accessible to all users by using either desktop or web browser, and including handy mobile devices such as notebooks, pocket PC’s and cellular phones. The performance of all the aspects of a retail business such as Corporate Performance versus Plans, Store Performance, Buyer Performance, Warehouse Performance, Merchandise Performance, and Associate Performance could be evaluated using the system. 6. Go to, and find the Retail Intelligence Product. take the interactive tour. Compare it to MicroStrategy’s product. Also compare it to Oracle Retail (see Solutions for Retail has four integrated group of solutions namely, Customer intelligence, Merchandise intelligence, Operations intelligence, Performance Management Solutions. Its core components are based on industry-leading data integration, analytics and reporting technologies. Rapid results are ensured by prebuilt data and analytical models.Oracle retail on the other hand is designed to help business achieve efficient operational infrastructures, enabling it to utilize resources which will make the company distinguishable from the competition. Oracle resolutions also offer assistance in improving information integrity, making the enterprise insight-driven, and empowering workforce to adopt excellence, and influence customers patronage of the business. References: 1. 2. 3.


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