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Explain the concept of centralized versus decentralized  authority.

Explain the concept of centralized versus decentralized  authority. What type of an organization is best suited for centralized authority? What would be the best environment for de-centralized authority.

2. The success of any firm depends on the quality and motivation of its people. Explain what is meant by  the term “informal organization”. How should managers deal with the informal organization? Should it be actively managed and controlled? Is that possible?

3.  Choose a company that you like, feel is successful and well positioned for the future.. Based on the information you find on their site do you feel they would be classified as centralized or decentralized authority? Do you feel they are structured to meet the demands of the future?

4. What about the company you work for (if you do not work choose any organization you have belonged to). How would you describe the informal organization.


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