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Gender Studies homework help

1. Analyze how nixons watergate changed the american presidency and the united states government.OUTLINE1.Intro 5 to 6 sentence  Time & place Thesis change over time 2 . 12 to 15 sentenceSfi (examples)Analysis 3. 12 to 15 sentence Sfi (examples)Analysis 4. Conclusion  4 +6 sentence  I have put the outline i  here to show jow i need the essay and to help you know. Plz follow the path of the outline i showed and complete it in proper with plagerizam and no error punctuation. I have attached a file in the question giving you my notes note:  THESE NOTES ARE NOT MEANT FOR ESSAY THEY ARE JUST BREIF INFO YOU NEED TO INPUT INFO IN YOUR OWN METHOD WITH RELIABLE SOURCE …THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP


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