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Which of the following views of the manufacturers’ duties to consumers holds that the manufacturer should pay the cost of injuries sustained through defects in the product, even when due care has been exercised?Question 11 options:A. The due- care view of business responsibilityB. The contractual view of manufacturers’ responsibilitiesC. The duty of disclosureD. The social costs view of the manufacturers’ dutiesQuestion 12 The most basic moral duty of a business is to provide customers with a product or service that lives up to all claims made about that product or service by the business. This is referred to as a(n)Question 12 options:A. Undue influenceB. Secondary dutyC. Express warrantyD. Service lifeQuestion 13 Which of the following describes an enabling function of privacy?Question 13 options:A. Privacy helps to keep potentially embarrassing information privateB. Privacy helps individuals to sustain distinct social rolesC. Privacy helps protect the individual rights based on values others may not holdD. Privacy helps individuals from involuntarily harming their own reputationQuestion 14 Which of the following describes a person’s thoughts, beliefs, values, and feelings?Question 14 options:A. Moral rightsB. Physical privacyC. Ethical rightsD. Physiological privacyQuestion 15 Some advertisements that are intended to manipulate consumers violate what right?Question 15 options:A. The right to free speechB. The consumer’s right to be treated as a free and equal rational beingC. The right to choose between competitors in a free marketD. The right to personal safetyQuestion 16 Which of the following is a common problem with the market approach to consumer protection?Question 16 options:A. Consumers are often not rational about product risk or probabilitiesB. Consumers have too much information and won’t take time to understand itC. Government has made excess information too inexpensive and easy to findD. Consumers expect the government to monitor all aspects of safetyQuestion 17 Which of the following represents the idea that a business has a moral responsibility to fully explain what a buyer is purchasing and exactly what the terms of the sale are?Question 17 options:A. The duty not to misrepresentB. The duty not to coerceC. The duty to comply with express claimsD. The duty of disclosureQuestion 18 Under the due-care view of moral responsibility, why do manufacturers have a greater duty to take care to ensure that consumers’ interests are not harmed by the products they offer?Question 18 options:A. Manufacturers have greater knowledge and expertise that consumers lackB. There is a strong bond of trust between consumers and manufacturersC. Consumers have less time to adequately research goods and services before purchase decisionsD. Manufacturers have more time to consider the needs of each consumer and how they will use a product or serviceQuestion 19In the market approach to consumer protection, what would lead to higher safety standards in consumer products?Question 19 options:A. Government regulationB. Inter- corporate agreementsC. Foreign trade agreementsD. Consumer demandQuestion 20 Which implied claim refers to the estimated amount of time a product will function as effectively as a consumer is led to believe it will?Question 20 options:A. ReliabilityB. Service lifeC. MaintainabilityD. Product safety


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