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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why are destinations so intent on attracting and developing event tourism discuss their main goals and the associated value of event tourism with reference to corporate and public events. important events that include ‘Australian Tourism Exchange’ (ATE) and ‘Queensland Music Festival’ (QMF) are seemed to be important events attracting global tourists immensely. The events assist in developing the economic conditions of the economy along with community.In the present scenario, tourism is determined as an important and rapidly developing industry. The industry is also a significant contributor towards the economic development of a country or region. In this regard, events are identified to play an effective role for the development of other business sectors that include hotel industry, trading operations and restaurant business among others. There are various types of events organised which include festival events, sport events, business events and special events for making destinations attractive. Presently, the people are interested towards events and on the basis of which they travel in different locations. Event tourism is responsible for the meeting different goals of an economy in relation to social, environment and economic aspects (Service Skills Australia, 2011. Stokes & Jago, 2007).In a similar perspective, event tourism is a significant aspect, responsible for the development of the economy of Australia. Organising events in different regions of Australia will assist in promoting products along with services of Australia in an enhanced manner (Stokes, 2003). In this regard, there are various events organised in Australia with the aim of attracting visitors from global context which include the ‘Australian Tourism Exchange’ (ATE) and Queensland Music Festival among others in order to develop the economic conditions of the country.With these considerations, the essay emphasizes the role of community in developing the event tourism in an enhanced manner. Additionally, the goals ad value of event tourism in respect of corporate and public events are discussed.


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