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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on issues to consider when a neighborhood may be exposed to hazardous emissions. To ensure that the community is not harmfully affected, proper assessment should be conducted to observe the environmental health risk of the incinerator (Rabl, Spadaro and Zoughaib, 2008). Potential impacts of the incinerator Incinerators have a number of negative effects towards the environment. Firstly, the waste contains metals and plastics that emit various pollutants after combustion. The pollutants include dioxins, heavy metals like lead and mercury, and furan. These pollutants can be released in the air, water or remain in the ash, which is as a byproduct of burning the waste. The combustion process produces two kinds of ash, bottom and fly ash, with the latter comprising of many constituents, which are hazardous. After the combustion of plastics such as polyvinyl chloride, toxic air and soil pollutants are emitted. Secondly, the thermal process produces toxic substances that are trapped in the residue ash, water filters, stack pipes and the chimneys. All the toxic substances have to be disposed. The residue ash is disposed in landfills but the toxic substances that are in the ash still find their way into the underground water system and finally into the food chain (Thompson, 2005). Incinerators contribute to a broad range of pollutants that are harmful to the health of human beings. Incinerators are unable to expel the toxic waste present in the municipal waste, adequately. As noted in the previous paragraph, incinerators produce a wide range of pollutants. One of the most lethal compounds produced is dioxin, which causes neurological damage, cancer, respiratory diseases, and disrupts thyroid systems, reproductive systems. Unfortunately, incinerators are the largest identified sources of dioxins (Rabl, Spadaro and Zoughaib, 2008). People living or working in the incinerators can be exposed to the pollutants emanating from the facility through various methods. The pollutants that are released in the air can harm the people after they inhale the polluted air. People can also be exposed to the pollutants through consumption of water and locally grown food that have been contaminated by air and soil pollutants emanating from the incinerator. Fish and wildlife that have been exposed to the various pollutants can also bring health problems to the people consuming them (Thompson, 2005). How the local community can control the facility through zoning and nuisance laws In order to ensure land is properly utilized without affecting the health of the residents, division of local land is done into different zones, which are reserved for different purposes. In this case, the incinerator should be located far away from the residential area in order to prevent the noise made by the trucks and the pollution that is affecting the local residents. The local government should not allow the new incinerator to be located close to the residential area. The residents can reject the construction of the incinerator citing its proximity to the residential area and its harmful effect to the health of the residents. The local government is supposed to use its police powers to stop the construction of the incinerator basing the move on the protection of public health. Noise pollution is another factor that should be considered. The garbage trucks are about to increase in number and their presence will increase noise pollution.


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