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Previously, you selected a company and determined the metrics you will use. The next step is to implement the tool for your selected site.Using the readings for this week as well as the Internet, complete the following:Part One:Analyze the process of implementing an analytics tool for the client. Examine the different reports generated by analytics tools that need to be utilized by the client.In a 1 – 2 page report address the following:Provide initial analysis as to the meaning of the analytics reports. What stats stand out most and why? Provide scholarly references and appropriate examples that support your examination of the reports generated by analytics tools. MY TOPIC IS MCDONALDS Part Two:Google Analytics Web analytics service is a comprehensive and free analytics tool that helps in determining the performance of a Web site based on various statistics.For this phase, conduct research on Google Analytics Web analytics service using the readings for the week and the Internet.In a 3 – 5 page paper, address the following:Explain how a Google Analytics account can be implemented for your client’s Web site. Examine the functions that a Google Analytics account provides. Identify different reporting elements of a Google Analytics account-such as multichannelfunnel reports, cross-channel reporting, custom reports, and visualization reports that will be used throughout this course. Define each element you have identified. Describe how these elements will be used in your client’s Web site. Compare and contrast the use of Google Analytics to another analytics tool – free or paidDeliverables


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