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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Business Plan Writing (Overview, Operation, HR).Lastly, the industry will deliver to customers a high quality and relaxed staging experience. hence, satisfying their needs.Marketing Research: Marketing research is effective in the business industry because it will enable the company to understand expectations of customers. thus employ effective strategies for achieving successful business performance. Therefore, the industry will conduct on-going field research on the target customers and competitors through observation and interview methods.Site selection: In this case, four inventory sites will be required, which include the storage mart to serve downtown, Northern and western area, exhibition storage to serve customers in the Southwest region, Sutherland site to serve client in Southeast and Northern region as well as two stores will be required.Facility layout: This will include inventory sites each with a certain level with complete furniture and service contained storages. The store sites will have downtown store with high quality store decorations, high-end products, effective layout and designs.Capital and operation budgets: The capital for store decorations will range from $20, 000 to $25,000. The hardware such as computer and other tools will include $ 10,000. The operation costs such as labor cost will be $7, 680 and the store cost will be $ 16, 500 per month (Nebula, n.d). The inventory and storage cost will be included.Organization structure: The organizational will be structured in a manner that will include, shareholders or management, the design or staging department and marketing or sales department. It will also establish organizational link between the design and marketing departments.Decision structure: The industry will ensure that each department is capable of making effective decisions based on the implemented organizational guidelines and procedures. The management or shareholders will make


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