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I need some assistance with these assignment. criteria of the excellent parishes Thank you in advance for the help! Parishes must adhere to high standards of excellence and quality in order to achieve success in the community. Wilkes criteria are a set of broad guidelines which help to define the characteristics of excellent parishes. An excellent parish should be proactive and dynamic with respect to the challenges of contemporary society. It should be able to devise innovative solutions to problems and obstacles. The parish should adopt a pragmatic approach in attracting new members. It should develop the spiritual values of the community. Further, it should not adhere to a set of strict rules and dogmas. It should be flexible and responsive to the needs and requirements of the community. This paper will assess my parish in the light of Wilkes criteria. Parishes need to demonstrate commitment and dedication towards the faith by taking proactive and dynamic steps to integrate with the community. The inherent tensions between sacred and secular knowledge should act as a stimulus to develop innovative solutions to problems. This can be achieved by developing a theological framework that caters to the needs and requirements of the community. My parish has been able to achieve such an objective by realigning its goals with that of the community. Most members of the community belong to the working class who work for factories and industries. A leading automobile manufacturing plant had been negligent in the provision of safety equipment for the local workers. This had been catastrophic as some senior workers were complaining of ailments. The parish successfully mobilized the community to fight for the rights of the workers. The result was a major lawsuit in which senior workers were awarded compensation by the company. According to Wilkes criteria, parishes must be able to develop personalized messages that are in harmony with the needs and requirements of the company (Wilkes, 158). The above incident demonstrates that the parish was successful in accomplishing the objective.


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