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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Sport Event and Tourism Management. Regeneration and Mega Events BRAZIL FIFA WORLD CUP 2014. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The inflation challenges in the 80s are currently a distant reminiscence (Lanie 2007, p.10). This economic permanency has conveyed increasing living values, limiting heights of intense crime, at least in the greatest flourishing counties, and capital from the transaction of produces that are being traded to China as quickly as they can be distributed to the nearest harbor. With development only briefly affected by the 2009 crisis, the nation is now forecast to continue growing at some five percent per year for the near future (Gui 2012, p. 49). Brazil will be for the first time part of the global sporting events track, with Rio de Janairo its focal point with the FIFA World Cup in 2014 Games. Rio is at present Brazil’s energy investment, lying in an estimated oil bonus of up to 90 billion containers, and it is rapid venture in infrastructure, social housing, urban regeneration as well as environmental remediation in order to look at its best when the world comes in 2014 for the FIFA world cup ceremonies (Knight 2008, p. 67). It is thus vital that the venues be spread throughout the nation to allow nationwide developments that comes with such mega events. The drive for the 2014 Games currently building with Brazil`s new president putting her weight behind the delivery structures (Weed 2008, p. 94). Rio is devoted to convey sustainable games with a resilient concentration on legacy. As a result, given the rule of common objectives, their concern in the London 2012 Games is placing British organizations in a better position to donate to delivering Rio`s determinations. Despite the fact that the world cup has displayed a black box model by the Brazilian national, government, and urban governments, the Rio 2014 planners have approved a more democratic procedure, with the promotion of a public national rivalry for the architectural strategy of the facilities of the media center. In addition, more recently, there has been the initiation of a worldwide architectural cooperation for the sport amenities. There is an expectation that these tendencies might develop a more exposed setting for the argument of sustainability matters, also comprising the nationwide and global educational communities in the choice making and execution processes of the mega event (Tavares 2008, p. 82). Even though these beginnings have encountered with the perfect support of the architectural occupation, there is much to be completed at the more social level, with the participation of local communities in the organization and enactment procedures leading to optimistic urban regeneration. During the past two years, after the proclamation of Brazil’s winning candidature to host the 2014 World Cup (2008) and, less than twelve months afterwards, that of Rio’s winning bid to host the 2014 the country has lived a development of a black box’ model to the association and raise of both mega events, that only now arises to show some honesty to a critical analysis or the likelihood of a self-governing process to ensure the legacy of a justifiable urban regeneration of host metropolises (Hellwig 2012, p. 39).


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