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Hi, I need help with essay on Online social enterprise. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This study is totally based on secondary research.Marketing strategy is a common phenomenon adopted by organizations. The major objective of this strategy is to communicate brand message to target audience. Every firm encompasses a specific brand message to be conveyed so as to drag attention of target group. There are different approaches which are effectively utilized by organizations as their marketing tools and techniques. In earlier years, focus was on traditional marketing practices but in recent years new digital concepts have been included in the system. Digital marketing approaches are inclined towards adopting advanced technologies in order to transmit required message to audience. Social media is an innovative platform incorporated by many firms. There are different aspects of social media like spreading awareness, involving target group in campaigning activities, generating funds, highlighting special elements of the brand, etc. In this study, more emphasis shall be given on analyzing the concept of social media. It is observed that social media concept differs in commercial firms in comparison to social firms. Social enterprises utilizes social media concept to generate funds and spread awareness amongst public. It is essential that charities are able to communicate its noble cause or social message to target audience. Lack of awareness at times deprives social enterprises from collecting funds. On the other hand, social media have been portrayed as a platform for conducting branding activities of commercial firms. These kinds of firms require extensive promotional activities so as to remain competitive in the industry. In this particular study, differences and similarities of using social media by charities and commercial firms shall be further elaborated.Social media in current scenario is becoming an important constituent for all organizations. Internet technology development has contributed magnificently towards accessing


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