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Choose one of the Middle Eastern cases: Turkey Iran The Arab Middle East: Egypt, Syria, Iraq or LebanonThen choose one of the themes: Nationalism Secularism State-led modernization (industrialization, development strategies, etc.) Neoliberalism Conservatism IslamismWhat are the basic patterns of the theme you picked up during the 20th and/or 21st centuries in the country/subregion you chose? You don’t need to take into account the entire 20th/21st-century developments, you should rather focus on a specific period.Combinations include, but are not limited to state-led industrialization during the Kemalist period in Turkey, nationalism during the Nasser period in Egypt, secularism during the White Revolution in Iran, etc. (If you have something comparative in your mind, I’d be happy to read.)You can make use of the reading assignments for each case: Turkey, Iran, and the Arab Middle East [1], [2], or [3].Important: Write a ~750-word paper (longer papers will be accepted) Use at least one extra resource


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