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5. Consider the following phonetic data from the Bantu language Luganda. (The brackets aremissing and the data have been somewhat altered to make the problem easier.) In each lineexcept the last, the same root occurs in both columns A and B, but it has one prefix in columnA, meaning ‘a’ or ‘an,’ and another prefix in column B, meaning ‘little.’ [Note: the symbol :means the preceding vowel is long. It is not relevant to the problem.] (20 points)ABenato’a canoe’aka:tolittle canoe’enapo’a house’aka:polittle house’enobi’an animal’akaobi’little animal’empipi’a kidney’akapipi’little kidney’entabi’a branch’akatabi’little branch’a.What are the allomorphs of the indefinite morpheme ‘a/an’ in Luganda?b. Is the distribution of these allomorphs predictable? If so, state the rule that predictswhere each will occur?c. If the word meaning ‘little boy’ is [akapo:be], what is the word for ‘a boy’ (in phonetictranscription)?d. If there were a prefix [am] in Luganda, would the form [amdano] be possible? If so,why? If not, why not?


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