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Academic PaperCurrent Cybersecurity Trends: A PowerPoint presentation based on research into a current trend in cybersecurity. Select and research one of the following topics and prepare a powerpoint presentation: 1. Cyber Insurance: Many organisations are investigating the potential benefits of purchasing cyber insurance. However, there are various aspects to be considered beyond the potential financial compensation should an attack occur. How does contemporary cyber insurance function, and what are the potential benefits and risks to organisations considering cyber insurance? 2. Internet of Things (IoT) Security: The ubiquity of connected devices continues to grow, and with this growth comes associated security risks as we become more reliant on these devices for our everyday activities. What are the key security factors to be considered when deploying IoT devices and how can the major threats against these devices be mitigated? 3. Security Issues with ‘Shadow IT’ and BYOD: The organisational IT landscape and culture are shifting with less centralised control and an increase in the diversity of services and devices. Managing the security issues associated with this new environment is a substantial challenge for practitioners. What are the major tools and techniques, both technical and managerial, that organisations can leverage to address the inherent risks while still facilitating adequate flexibility?4. Encrypted Communications: The issue of encrypted communications has received extensive media coverage in recent times. There are a wide variety of differing perspectives on the topic of who should hold encryption keys and/or the means to retrieve plaintext communications content (e.g. governments vs corporations vs users). What are the differing perspectives on this topic and how can they be reconciled? You should prepare and submit a 1000 word PowerPoint presentation. A minimum of five references from scholarly books, academic journals or conference proceedings is required for this assessment.However, substantially more references are recommended. Use the Harvard referencing style and include the references either directly on your slides or in the notes section of each slide. The use of third party infographics (i.e. those not developed by you) is not permitted in this presentation.


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