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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Services as a Special Kind of Product. It needs to be at least 2000 words. To the producer, a product is an aggregate of technical/physical features and characteristics. To the consumer, it is an aggregate of utilities, values, expectations and perceptions, a complex cluster of value satisfaction. Since, both services and goods aim to provide satisfaction to the end-user, both fall under the category of products. To arrive at the decision whether the subject of sale is a commodity or a service, it needs to be clearly identified that what is being sold. As a thumb rule, any offering for sale which is intangible is a service and that which is tangible is goods. Researchers have zeroed down on four categories of products: However, in real life, both pure goods and pure services do not exist. For example, a commodity like soft drink also involves some kind of intangibles like transportation and a service like education also consists of some kind of tangibles like a book. Thus, every offering is a mix of goods and services. yet each offering may be segregated into goods OR service based upon the degree of tangibility and intangibility. Before discussing the answer to the above-posed questions, I would like to draw out the similarities between goods and services. There are vast similarities between services and goods: both are generated with the end motive of sales, both seek to satisfy the end-users wants, both can be assigned value, both require human efforts/ intervention to be finally produced, both can be customized and both are marketable. To a large extent, even the principle of branding is the same for all types of products (For example Starbucks coffee in retail shops and Starbucks coffee in the cafe are all about the same brand), although the quantum of efforts may differ for creating the brand image of various types of products. The differences arise in how and when the services/ goods are generated, how the value is assigned to services/ goods, where the services/goods are delivered and when & how much human intervention is required for the delivery of goods/ services.


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