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Write 4 page essay on the topic Can the writer help me decide the topic.During the early stages of the American nation, the Church tended to deplore sports and sports related activities as it was believed that sports led to diversion from goal oriented activities (Putney 224). However, with the satiation of the nation with the Victorian values and the commensurate physical decline ushered in by sedentary activities, the nation vigorously turned towards sports as a source of rejuvenation and vibrancy (Putney 224). It goes without saying that sports movies not only necessarily embody the essential American civic and religious values, but, also veritably stand to be the vital source of religious motivation and faith.To understand the link between the sports movies and religion, it is imperative to pragmatically trace the similarities and affinities between religion and sports. Sports movies happen to be religious in the sense that sports like religion tends to be a very organized activity, which requires as much effort, faith and practice as any religious achievement (Jay 226). Words like sacred, love, devotion, immortality, ritual and faith that could be traced to the religious sources and literature are also amply mentioned and delved upon in the sports movies (Guttmann 25). The religious practices and the events and themes in the sports movies tend to overlap in multiple ways. Like religion, sports movies also tend to have their saints, those departed souls that in that in their very life represented and embodied the glory of sports (Tietalbaum 4). Like religious achievers, sports movies also tend to have such personalities and characters that could aptly be said to be seekers, believers and converts (Tietalbaum 4). Like religious institutions, the sports movies also happen to present patriarchs, who are primarily the motivating coaches and managers who organize, manage and sometimes emphatically influence the national sporting


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