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On September 30, 2017, First company paid Second company $97,000 to purchase $100,000 of bonds that carry a 8% interest rate and will mature five years from the date of purchase. Interest on the bonds is paid September 30 and March 31 of each year. First company plans to hold the bonds until maturity. The market rate of interest at the time of issue was 8.75%. Both companies use separate accounts for bond premiums and discounts, and amortize the premium or discount on bonds using effective-interest method. As of December 31,2017, the bonds had a market value of 98. Second company called one-half of the bonds on March 31, 2018 at 101. 1) Prepare the entry for the issuance (sale) of the bond from point of view of Second company.2) Prepare entry to accrue the Interest Expense at December 31, 2017 on the bond from the point of view of Second company.3) Prepare journal entry for the 1-st Interest Payment on the bond from the point of view of Second company.4) Prepare the entry to record Second company calling (repaying) half of the bonds.


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