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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic resolving and managing common ethical dilemmas. Organizations are engaged in shifting their manufacturing facilities to developing countries as a cost-cutting measure. However, such a strategy of organizations has led to the emergence of many ethical problems between the organizations and its stakeholders (Karake-Shalhoub, 1999). An ethical dilemma is literally defined as a moral situation in which an individual has to make a choice between two or more options. On the other hand, ethical dilemma in business is said to be existing when the decision-makers within the organizations are encountered with making choices amongst two alternatives that may have a serious impact on the organizationÂ’s profit-earning capability and/or its stakeholders (Shata, 2013. Fernando, 2009). Correspondingly, this essay intends to demonstrate an in-depth understanding and application of the ethical dimension of business decision making. In the given case study, Omax which is a large home appliances company is faced with the radical need to cut its workforce as its one of the strategies to shift its manufacturing activities to developing countries. In a board meeting, the senior management team assigned Jenny who is working as an HR manager in the company with the task of downsize the procurement department within the company. However, there are two individuals namely Alan and John who are currently working as procurement officers and are liable for sourcing suppliers. Unenviably, only one position is available within the procurement department corresponding to the downsizing strategy. Hence, Jenny is challenged with the choice to retain either Alan or John. Notably, off the job, both Jenny and John are the members of the book club and have formed a friendship with each other. Besides, Jenny is also aware that John recently has a newborn baby and realizes that the job would important for John and for his family. Now, Jenny is finding it difficult to make a decision regarding the layoff. Jenny is unsure&nbsp.whether she should favor John by giving him the job or to retain Alan.&nbsp.


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