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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Rebellion, The Vietnamese World. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This introduction led to new production strategies and expertise while getting through more conventional cinema practices and priorities.The film industry in Vietnam was considered largely a low-level base for releasing and making films at the time The Rebel was in production. The Rebel managed to meet expenses by Hollywood criteria, which made it impressive for a Vietnamese origin. By the time of release, The Rebel recorded the most costly Vietnamese production in history because of a budget ranging between 1.5 and $3 million (Dirlik 352). The Rebel turned into the highest grossing film in Vietnam’s film industry, which shows that the immense investment had an equally large return. Irrespective of the high grossing numbers, box office figures from Vietnam remained patterned. A patterned audience from the country only supports the notion of Vietnam’s low-level film industry in contrast to other Southeast Asia countries (Narkunas 153).In spite of a low-level filming base in Vietnam, the film industry has knowledgeable and talented engineers. These engineers operate in a cost-effective base and expanding the local audience with more disposable salaries that make film production in Vietnam alluring. The Rebel is probably the first Vietnamese film involving martial arts of its nature. Production companies such as the Weinstein Company could have found it nearly impossible to pull off a martial arts theater without the help of talented technicians (Li 74). Even though The Rebel is not an A-list Hollywood production, the contribution of a low-cost film base and a knowledgeable production team led to the selection of talented actors. Vietnam’s film industry is popular for such contributions along with planning time that allow for composition and rehearsals that were necessary for the martial arts sequences present in The Rebel (Narkunas 152).


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