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Write a 4 page essay on America History19th Paper 1.While Smith’s religion has more of a substantial legacy, it was Prophet Matthias that made the headlines. The cult or ‘Kingdom of Matthias” the ideals of sexuality in the early 19th century.Historically the United States had a strong base in the freedom of religion and Protestantism. It was during the 1820s that smaller groups began to separate from the traditional and entered into the heretical. The Finneyites began great revivals that upended many of the long established customs regarding sexuality, religion, and politics. Theses followers shunned traditional Calvinist beliefs and strove to create an atmosphere that was governed by each individual versus a pre-ordained destiny.(23) It was not because of their beliefs, but the members of the movement that upset many. These were the middle and upper class citizens with aversion for many of the traditional beliefs. These men and women believed in abolishing many of the patriarchal beliefs and lifestyles that many Americans were living. When many started to protest against the Finneyites way of living, Prophet Matthias saw his chance.For many of the established branches, the woman’s place was in the home as a faithful servant to her husband and children. Not one to speak out or cause a stir, women were to bide by their husbands command and lead a spiritual life. It was during this time that some small groups of women started to stand up against the patriarchal beliefs and start to pursue their own religious opportunities. One such woman was Isabella van Wagenen, a servant who moved to Bowery Hill with who was James Latourette’s servant. Ms. Wagenen had been a slave and believed to have spoken with God since childhood.(53) When invited to the Bowery Hill Asylum created by Elijah and Sarah Pierson by two fellow women, she joined only to refuse the teachings. Oddly she decided to stay on with the Piersons and acted as an at will housekeeper.Women during this


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