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our Week 5 assignment focuses on interpreting and displaying theexisting data you created last week. You will be working with pivot tables,charts, graphs, and notes.You are an angel investor looking to help develop startups in the Portland,Oregon area. You have obtained contact information for maker spaces,incubators, and small business accelerators around Oregon and want tofocus your data to find what kind of organizations exist in Oregon andwhere the highest concentration of organizations are located.1)Upload this file into your Google Drive:Oregon Startup Organizations 2)Select-all your data and create a pivot table. Rename your pivottable tab to “List by Type”3)Create a new row in your pivot table with “Type” as your identifier.4)Uncheck the “show totals” option in your new row5)Create a new value with “Type” as your identifier, and use COUNTAas your function.6)Look at your counted data and insert a note with the type oforganization (makerspace, accelerator, incubator) that has thehighest number of data rows.7)Insert a pie chart next to your pivot table that graphically displays thebreakdown of organizations by type.8)Return to your original spreadsheet, select all again, and create asecond pivot chart. Rename the tab for this pivot chart “List by Area”9)Create a new row with “Service Area” as your identifier and deselectthe “show totals” option. 10)Create a new value with “Service Area” as your identifier and usethe COUNTA function to tally the organizations by area. Create anew Column with “Type” as the identifier. This will break down thedata even further into types of organizations ordered by service area.11)Insert a note about the area or areas where you could target themost incubators.12)On the main spreadsheet, use conditional formatting to highlightany organization type that’s labeled “incubator” in Column G with lightgreen.13)Use conditional formatting in Column F to highlight any cell thathas the word “Metro” in it with light blue.14)Share your workbook and set to “anyone with a grantham.eduaddress can EDIT”. Copy and paste the link into your W5assignment dropbox.


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